The School of Resources and Safety Engineering held the CSC overseas study experience exchange and sharing meeting
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On the afternoon of January 10, 2022, the School of Resources and Safety Engineering held the experience exchange and sharing meeting for CSC high-level Universities' State-funded Graduate programs to help students understand the current situation of overseas exchange and share application experience under the background of normal epidemic. The conference was hosted by Liu Li, vice dean of international Cooperation of the School .




The school invited three doctoral students to talk about their experience of studying and exchanging in The Danish University of Science and Technology, The University of Lyon in France and the University of Technology Eindhoven in the Netherlands after being funded by CSC. At the sharing meeting, they made presentations on "the impact of the epidemic on overseas exchanges", "protection of epidemic prevention policies at home and abroad", "preparation and process of CSC application", "How to achieve scientific epidemic prevention and successfully complete study tasks", "overseas academic research" and other aspects. Although COVID-19 has had an impact on students' overseas exchanges, students' demand for international and high-quality higher education has not changed. Only by strengthening awareness of epidemic prevention can students complete their overseas study tasks safely and efficiently.




Through this study abroad experience exchange and sharing meeting, students all expressed that they had gained a lot, which further stimulated their internal motivation for learning, enhanced their confidence in learning, and encouraged them to make life plans based on their own reality as soon as possible, so as to achieve their academic and scientific goals.