2021 Mayor's Scholarship Silk Road project - guinea "Resources and Security and Sustainable Development" - online training class was successfully held in the College of Resources and Security
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In order to promote the high-quality development of "The Belt and Road", strengthen education cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road, build a bridge for the friendship between the peoples of the countries along the road, and promote the education development and economic and trade cooperation in Chongqing, the afternoon of December 20th, 2021,hosted by the School of Resources and Safety Engineering of Chongqing University, The Silk Road Project of Mayor Scholarship for Foreign Students of Chongqing Municipal People's Government - Guinea online seminar on "Resources and Security and Sustainable Development", co-organized by The International College of Chongqing University and The Promotion Center of West African Economy, Trade and Investment of Chongqing International Commerce, was successfully held. Professor Lu Yiyu, Dean of the School of Resources and Safety Engineering and Director of the State Key Laboratory of Coal Mine Disaster Dynamics and Control; Professor Zhang Zhiqing, Dean of the International College; and Sylla Naby, alumnus of Chongqing University Dr Moussa, China henan international cooperation group co., LTD. - Guinea company general manager wang, CCCC first on shipping engineering co., LTD. -Guinea CMD projects, senior director of Wang Qinghua Chongqing trademark West African trade and investment promotion center director Han Fei, the School of Resources and Safety Engineering students of professor king Ferdinand and other Guinea, Chinese executives gathered clouds, Both online and offline participated in the event. The meeting was hosted by LiuLi, vice dean of International Cooperation of School of Resources and Safety Engineering.




President Lu Yiyu extended a warm welcome to the guests and students attending the opening ceremony and thanked the co-organizers for their trust and support. He hoped that through this exchange meeting, the participants could enhance their understanding of China, Chongqing and Chongqing University, and promote the communication between RSE, Chongqing University and universities, enterprises and administrative departments of Guinea, so as to contribute to the sustainable development of energy and economic construction in Africa.

Dr. Sylla Naby Moussa from Guinea, speaking as an alumnus of the School of Resources and Safety Engineering, thanked the Chongqing Municipal People's Government and RSE for the valuable exchange opportunity. He explained the current situation and utilization of global and Chinese energy, the relationship between energy and economic development, energy security and sustainable development. China has provided great support to African countries in areas such as education, public health and health, and renewable energy. China's development experience can serve as a useful reference for Guinea to explore a new development path and realize the sustainable development agenda.




Then China Henan international cooperation group co. LTD. - Guinea company general manager wang speech, he explained to the project put forward the concept of project management for objects and systems, from the Angle of the construction project manager orthe contractor teaching theories and methods of the project organization and management, emphasizes the application of the management and quality control.




Wang Qinghua, senior director of Guinea CMD project of CCCC First Navigation Engineering Bureau Co. LTD., and an alumnus of Chongqing University, talked about the laws, guidelines and policies concerning the overall development of urban and rural areas, attaching importance to the relationship between urban spatial layout and regional economic prosperity, as well as the basic knowledge of urban planning and management.



Han Fei, director general of West Africa Economic and Trade Investment Promotion Center of Chongqing State Commerce, explained the construction of key projects in Chongqing's economic development and the latest policies related to economic development, as well as the current situation and future of economic and cultural exchanges with African countries.



Professor Wang Liao shared China's experience in resource exploitation and utilization and ecological environmental protection, narrated the current situation of China's resource exploitation, prominent problems in resource exploitation and utilization and environmental protection, strategies of resource exploitation and environmental protection in the new era, and engineering practice cases of resource exploitation and environmental protection.



It is reported that the "Silk Road Project of Mayor Scholarship for Foreign Students of Chongqing Municipal People's Government" aims to serve the national "Belt and Road" initiative and cultivate senior management talents for the countries along the belt and Road. In the form of school-government-enterprise cooperation, combining the advantages of Chongqing industry and the professional development of the countries along the Road urgently needed, in order to build a bridge connecting the people of all countries, It is of great significance to provide intellectual support for policy, infrastructure, unimpeded trade and financial integration among countries along the Belt and Road.